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Window well ladders are a necessary addition to any egress window well with a vertical depth greater than 44 inches below the adjacent ground level. Finding one that is quick to install and cost effective can be a challenge. Our standard (Model WWL) window well ladder is designed to accommodate a window well with a depth of 4 to 5 feet in depth and is easily assembled with six (6) included bolts and a 7/16” wrench (not included).

WindowWellLadder.com also sells extension kits in 1 foot increments for window wells that are over 5 feet in depth. Our Window Well Ladders are made of tempered aluminum which will not rust and will not require painting to protect it from the weather elements.

The natural aluminum color blends very well with the galvanized corrugated steel that many window wells are constructed of. On most wells the ladder can be hung on the flat area on the front of the well or on either side on the flat area just behind the large radius curve on the corner. The top of the standard window well ladder has hooks that allow it to hang from the top edge of the metal well and spaces the top rung of the ladder 18” below the top surface of the well.

The window well ladder can just hang in the well or be permanently attached to the well with the two (2) sheet metal screws provided (drilling would be required for this option).

For nonmetal wells such as wood timbers, concrete block or poured concrete wells, the window well ladder can be ordered with replacement parts for the normally included hooks that go on the top of the ladder as the standard ladder hooks will not accommodate a thicker window well lip. This option (Model WWL-W) requires that the installer of the ladder be able to properly mount the ladder into one of the sides of the well with the proper anchors or screws (not included) and in the proper location so as to meet municipal building codes.

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